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Wholesale weight loss product MENOVA

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60 pills/box


Product Features: 
Herbal Slimming pills creat a new time of losing weight healthily by breaking through the traditional concept. Herbal slimming pills, basing on the European traditional herbal health concept, combining with rationale metabolic balance Fallon of modern nutritional science, are made from natural fruit, tea and other pure medicine and edible plants. Herbal slimming pills contain varieties of Lipase, Dietary fiber and Trace element which have the function of promoting human fat consumption by relieving fat synthesis, balancing nutrition metabolism, accelerating the decomposition of fat to reduce body fat and restore a beautiful and healthy body continuously and appropriately.
Three slimming principles of herbal slimming pills:
Safety: all of the material are extracted from the herbal plants to make you lose wight healthily. 
Health: No need for diet, fatigue, diarrhea, only reduce fat but not water and nutrition.
Effect: you can lose weight for 2.5-7.5 Kilogram after one treatment period, without rebound.
Notable features:
Take once per day, easy to take.
No need for diet, easy to lose weight
Maintain skin elasticity, no slack after weight loss
Detoxifies, keep you slim and besutiful
Safe and without side effects
Suit for:
1. Simple obesity, adolescent obesity, postpartum obesity and those who repeatedly failed to lose weight or easy to rebound
2. People who suffer from constipation, acne and stain.
Not suit for: children, Pregnant woman, women who prepare to have a baby and who are in lactation, and people who have Kidney disease.
Main Ingredients: natural fruit, tea, hawthorn and Cellulose.
Usage: once per day for two pills. Take it in the morning alone or with food. For individuals with severe obesity and enhance the effect can take more one pill before dinner. 
Standard: Q/(GZ)MZN6-2003
Net content: 48 pills + 12 pills
Storage: store in cool and dry place, and sealed
Expire: three years

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